Welcome to St Albans East Performing Arts!

What an amazing few weeks it has been!

The last seven weeks of term 1 have flown by in a blur of activity and creativity. As the brand new performing arts teacher at St Albans East Primary I have loved jumping right in, learning lots, meeting many wonderful students and staff and beginning my journey as a primary school performing arts educator.

I have come to this role with extensive experience in teaching and performing arts. I’m super excited to have the opportunity to plan and deliver an engaging, high quality dance, drama and music program across the whole school.

We are lucky to have a nice big space full of excellent performing arts resources

Performing arts is a great addition to the curriculum. This year we will be exploring dance, movement, acting and drama, as well as developing our skills in creative thinking, teamwork, confidence building, problem solving, public speaking and being a good audience member. These skills are all transferable into student’s learning in literacy, maths, and across the curriculum.


This year I will be teaching Performing Arts to preps & grade 1/2’s in terms 1&2 and grade 3/4 and 5/6 in term 3&4.

I’m really looking forward to a fun year in our great Performing Arts space!



One thought on “Welcome to St Albans East Performing Arts!

  1. The space looks amazing. What a wonderful set of instruments, I hope everyone looks after them.

    Sounds like the students are in good hands.

    All the best for the year ahead!

    Mr Van.
    Arts Specialist,
    Rasmussen State School – Townsville, QLD

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